Make America, America again

(Dogan Gulvan via and used under Creative Commons zero)

There's a pall hanging over the country these days. And it's everywhere.

It colors every news article, of course.

But, it's not only the news that's been tainted by the non-majority election of a president and the appointment of an "alt-right" cabinet. It's on the comedy shows, too — an even more serious blow to the national psyche. Without comedy that has something more to laugh at than simply ridicule what is, where can the soul go to breathe again?

Worse, the depression infects our spiritual DNA, as well: What is truth anymore? What is fact now? When is the "news" really news? How can we determine the true from the false, the real from the fake, an authentic report from an adulterated facsimile? What happens to a democracy that cannot trust the integrity of its leaders, the objectivity of its media?

We walk through the world now looking over our shoulders, waiting for the next headline, the next investigation, the next breach of protocol on the slippery slope between democratic government and irresponsible governance.

So, should we just give in and let this runaway world run its course?

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