To become humility itself

(Unsplash / Faye Cornish)

"The twelfth step of humility is that we always manifest humility in our bearing no less than in our hearts, so that it is evident ... whether sitting walking or standing."

The 12th degree of humility goes directly to the core of the matter. It reads straight and clear, without equivocation, with certainty: "We always manifest humility in our bearing no less than in our hearts so that it is evident ..."

The operational word here is "evident." Evident.

At this point, comes the test. At this point all theorizing ends. It's not a matter anymore of talking about humility. Now is the moment of fulfillment.

This time, we're not just considering the almighty presence of God in our lives, or even our degree of spiritual consciousness. Now, it's no longer about simply accepting the vagaries of life without moaning or demanding more. It's even beyond the ideas of learning to listen and honoring the insights of others.

No, here at the top of the ladder of the steps to humility is the challenge to be humble, to become humility itself. No words, no prayers, no public penitential disciplines required. Just the power of humble presence itself.

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