25th Anniversary Celebration of Sisters of the Earth Community

Twenty five years ago, Sisters of the Earth Community was co-founded by Passionists Thomas Berry, Gail Worcelo and lay associate Bernadette Bostwick. This is the first community of Catholic sisters in the history of religious life founded specifically for Earth Healing and Protection within the Ecozoic Era.

Ecozoic is a phrase coined by Thomas Berry and means; House of Life. It is an era where humans and the natural world go into the future as a Single Sacred Community.

June 1, 2024 marked the opening of a year of celebration with a Global Zoom Gathering, Liturgy of the Cosmos, art displays including the Wall of Endangered Species by Angela Manno and Concert around the theme: Awe and Wonder.

The human venture depends absolutely on this quality of AWE and WONDER...... and reverence and joy in Earth and All that lives and grows upon Earth.   - Thomas Berry