Ancillae Secular Institute makes their Presence known in Virtual Platforms

Published May 29, 2020


Ancillae Secular Institute members are going viral during the lockdown days.13th of May 2020 on the occassion of  the feast of  Our Lady of Fatima 'Ancillae Media' was launched with the aim of promoting 'Consecrated Secularity' and the 'Spirituality of Insertion' among today’s Cyber - Savvy generations. 

 “We feel strongly urged to be relevant to the present times and every Ancilla identifying herself as a prophet in the market place we believe that we are to be out there in the public sphere just like Jesus, being loud enough for the people of our times who are majorly virtual” said Thangamma Abraham, Regional Directress, Ancillae Secular Institute, India, while speaking about the new initiative.  Ancillae Media is an umbrella platform which includes a YouTube Channel, Twitter Handle, Face Book page, Website and Blog created and managed by Ancillae Sisters.The dissemination of creative contents and news and views through this platform will be closely aligned with the latest from the Church’s Communication and Ancillian Charism.  The 2 minutes video on Laudato Si week in fact was well received by the audience at the lauch of the Ancilale Media.

Called to ‘give a Christian note to the secular world’ every Ancilla strive to live her life of consecration through an active insertion into the society through the distinguishing sign of ‘radiating selfless serving love’. Uniquely called to ‘an apostolate of presence and an apostolate for the present’, the Ancillae initiatives through these online platforms intend to make the positive presence relevant in the Ministry of the New.

Ancillae Secular Institute
Contact Information: 

Gisel Erumachadathu, Ancillae Secular Institute, Shanthi Nivas, 1/10A Main, 15th Cross Malleswaram, Banglaore, India

Mob: +918301836094