Centennial Colloquium seeks to take Benedictine tradition into the future

Event date: June 21-24, 2022

“Benedictine spirituality is the spirituality of the 21st century because it deals with the issues facing us now...its currency lies in the fact that Benedictine spirituality offers more a way of life and an attitude of mind than it does a set of religious prescriptions,” writes Sister Joan Chittister.

The Benedictine women’s Federation of St. Scholastica will celebrate its Centennial, then, with a Colloquium, "Benedictine Life: A Vision Unfolding," open to anyone who seeks to live Benedictine spirituality and to help carry it into the future. The Colloquium is open to men and women, professed, oblates, and seekers, and will take place at Mount Saint Scholastica in Atchison, KS, June 21-24, 2022, and virtually. Six speakers will each present a paper, two each on the colloquium’s three goals:

WISDOM GOAL: Make our Benedictine way of life visible and accessible in new ways to today’s seekers by celebrating our history and envisioning our future.

WITNESS GOAL: Share our lives as Benedictine women, past and present, what we stand for, and why we do what we do as we invite others to experience our charism and good zeal and to join us in “running while we have the light of life.” (Prologue, Rule of Benedict)

WAY FORWARD GOAL: Support Benedictine life today so that it can continue to be the same kind of stabilizing presence in our cities and towns and light for spiritual seekers that it has been for more than 1500 years.

Benedictine Federation of St Scholastica
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