A Conversation on Affordable Housing

Event date: December 15, 2021 at 3p.m, Central

The basic human need for shelter is often unattainable for those at the mercy of the elements, job layoffs, economic downturns, overcrowded projects.  Affordable housing seeks to address how to determine eligibility of those who seek a place to live.  But data cannot compute what needs to be done; it is right before our very eyes.  

Join LCWR Region X for our next episode of "Exploring Intersections: Catholic Sisters on Racism, Migration and Climate" airing live at 3p.m. Central, Wednesday, December 15.  Host Charish Badzinski and a panel of experts will discuss the challenges in addressing the needs of those, through no fault of their own and with nowhere to turn, who simply want and deserve a place to call home. You can also find the recording of this and past episodes on YouTube or your favorite podcast app.  Registration is free and open to the public. To Register, visit: exploringintersections.org 


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