Deeptime Leadership Program Starts Sept. 22 (Nine Month Program)

Event date: Starts Sept. 22 -- Nine Month Program

History is governed               
by those overarching movements
that give shape and meaning to life
by relating the human venture
   to the larger destinies of the Universe.

— Thomas Berry, The Great Work

Deeptime Leadership & Personal Empowerment Program
9 Month Online Program Starting September 22nd

with Stephan Martin, Brian Swimme, Ursula Goodenough, Coleen & Duane Elgin, Sr. Gail Worcelo, Herman Greene, Fr. Robert Athickal, Yona Frenchhawk, Matt Cobb, Fr. John Leydon, Mary Evelyn Tucker and many others. More info coming soon!

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Princeton, NJ (US) — The Deeptime Network, a non-profit registered in New Jersey has announced a nine-month program in Deeptime Leadership & Personal Empowerment to start September 22nd that offers a certificate and professional development hours for teachers, counselors and other educational and mental health professionals.

“There is nothing more critical than leadership,” says Mary Evelyn Tucker, co-author and executive producer, Journey of the Universe, and presenter in the upcoming Leadership Program, “for our moment of transition to a flourishing future.  This course is indispensable for such a transition – thoughtful, comprehensive, and engaging.  Sink in and be deeply transformed!”

The Leadership Program be a deep inquiry into the way that evolution moves forward through resonance and dissonance, and to learning how to work with those forces as leaders.  This is particularly important right now, in a time of climate crisis.

Sr. Gail Worcelo (co-founder with Thomas Berry, Green Mountain Monastery Greensboro, VT; and presenter in the Program) says that her Monastery is engaged in the Deep Time impulse taking place within Christianity and other world religions.  “This moment of grace is significant because these long standing spiritual traditions offer gravitas and stability in this time of chaos and confusion,” she says.  “They also provide deep foundational tools for the transformation of consciousness as Christianity and humanity as a whole enter a Cosmological Phase.”


A New Way of Leading and Being For the Deep Future

“This Program is about fostering a new way of leading and being,” says Jennifer Morgan, president, Deeptime Network, “that’s based on a vision of ourselves inside an evolving universe, thinking long term with the whole in mind, understanding the transformative powers of the universe.”

This way of leading and being and be of tremendous benefit to organizations and ourselves personally, according to Ms. Morgan.   We can be far more effective and vibrant when we understand and work with the larger context and dynamics of evolution.

While most leadership programs focus on strategy and leadership skills within a narrow frame, the Deeptime Leadership Program re-contextualizes everything inside of the Cosmos and the trajectory of our planet in deep time.

“By understanding and collaborating with the larger dynamics of the universe,” says Stephan Martin, astronomer and lead teacher for the nine month Program, “we can assist in the emergence of a new form of human presence that aligns with, supports, and enriches the natural systems of Earth and all her inhabitants.”


Who is this For?

“Whether you’re a grandparent, a teacher, a doctor, a therapist, a priest, a senator, or a fine artist, you’re a leader,” says Ms. Morgan, “when it comes to transforming culture and our way of being toward a more fulfilling and flourishing Earth community.”

Participants in DTN courses have come from over a dozen different countries across five different continents.  

“It’s so supportive to have a whole community from around the world working together to embody and live out a deep connection to the New Cosmology in its ethical and spiritual dimensions,” said M.J. Zimmerman, a psychotherapist and former lecturer at the California Institute of Integral Studies. “We are the Universe emerging. "

Fr. John Leydon, a Columban priest and Elizabeth Carranza, lecturers in DTN courses, of Manila, Philippines said, “We feel so at home in the Deeptime Network courses.  This community is unique.”

“I share with my students the insight that we don’t live in the universe,” said Stephan Martin, lead teacher for the Leadership Program, “but that we are the universe in human form. There is a palpable shift in the room, almost like a collective gasp. An opening to a wider world of possibilities takes place. Teaching from a Deeptime perspective expands my role as a guide to the tools and resources to help students step into a larger vision of themselves and their deeper role in our shared cosmic journey.”

To see more “Mini Deeptime Stories” about how people are applying this perspective and work in the world, click here.  


Participants Will:

Unleash creativity inside a field of creativity and transformation
Learn a decision-making framework that aligns with governing themes
Learn leadership skills that work with resonance and dissonance inside an evolving universe
Connect and synergize with a world wide community
Make a significant difference in their leadership approach

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Three Modules

The Program has three modules:
Introducing the New Cosmology (12 sessions)
Applying the New Cosmology (10 sessions), and
Deeptime Leadership Practicum (10 sessions).  

Participants can join the whole program and receive a certificate or take individual modules.  



Information Sessions

Join an information to find out more about the Leadership Program.  Details about each session are on the site.  

August 4th, 7:00 PM ET — Deeptime Leadership and Education

August 18th, 7:00 PM ET — Deeptime Leadership, Spirituality, and Religious Communities

Sept. 1st — Deeptime Leadership and Working with Dissonance and Coherence in Communities, Organizations and with Individuals

About the Deeptime Network
Deeptime Network programs have been bringing together scientists, artists, teachers, religious leaders, activists, musicians, therapists and so many more.  “The experience, talent, and vision in our community is phenomenal,” said Ms. Morgan.  We’ve grown into a world wide community that’s putting its talents together for this leadership training program.”   

Scholarships:  Scholarships are available to those in need.

Donations:  DTN programs draw people from all over the world who bring tremendous richness to our programs.  But everyone can’t afford our programs and we’d like to make this opportunity available to as many as possible.  If you can help, please do make a donation here.  If you can make a donation of $1000 or more, you can join our Deeptime Donor Circle.   To make a donation, please click here, and if your donation is over $1000, please click here and get in touch with Jennifer Morgan at  

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