Exploring Equitable Access to Healthcare

The crippling effects of a successful and sustainable national healthcare system in the United States has long been a swinging pendulum of high expectations and abysmal failures. The skyrocketing costs of insurance and premiums, the unemployed without the means to matter to those with means, the costs of prescriptions required to keep one alive versus the cost of feeding one’s family, has led to a crisis of seemingly insurmountable proportions for the majority of persons in need of care within our country.

Join our conversation on February 9 at 3 pm Central as host Charish Badzinski with a panel of experts discuss the challenges in addressing the effects of racism, migration and climate change on the state of our healthcare system and the suggested actions and resources that could stanch the bleeding.

Registration is free and open to the public as we provide a forum for constructive conversation on these important issues. To register, visit www.exploringintersections.org online.