Exploring Restorative Justice conversation

Event date: November 10, 2021

Victims of crime often find forgiveness too raw to reach; the sense of injustice outweighing the act of turning one’s cheek. For the perpetrator, the sense of injustice is equally strong; living in a world beyond one’s control, where societal standards hold no applicable meaning. Restorative justice seeks to balance the judicial scales with an organized approach and open dialogue between the victim and the criminal in achieving resolution between the two and creating harmony within the community. 

Join LCWR Region X for our next episode of “Exploring Intersections: Catholic Sisters on Racism, Migration and Climate”—airing live at 3 p.m. Central on Wednesday, November 10—with host Charish Badzinski and a panel of experts. You can also find the recording of this and all past episodes on YouTube or your favorite podcast app. Registration is free and open to the public. 

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