Introducing “Our Common Home One Human Family” Laudato Si Video Series

Published Feb 23, 2022


“There is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions, and it is wonderful how education can bring about real changes in lifestyle,” wrote Pope Francis in section 211 of Laudato Si. 

Grand Rapids Dominican Sister Mary Catherine Fodrocy OP was moved by Pope Francis’ message but felt her ability to teach and preach were being hindered by the COVID pandemic. “I was working with a small parish group in 2021 and wanted to introduce them to the important messages outlined in Laudato Si. I wanted to offer up ideas and exercises in smaller, meaningful bites.”

Fodrocy iniated her “Our Common Home & One Human Family” video series to offer thoughtful exploration of some of the basic themes, principles, and values expressed in the book Laudato Si’© (On the Care of Our Common Home). 

There are 12 videos, of 3-5 minutes each, in this series. Individual and groups are finding One Common Home, One Human Family a transformative contemplative study experience. “I hope people will find this series to be a stepping stone to understand the call to actions presented by the Laudato Si Action Platform,” says Fodrocy. 


"We need a paradigm shift. A paradigm is a long-established set of concepts or thought patterns, values, attitudes, and behaviors. Paradigm changes require conversion of mind and heart that involve changes of attitudes, values, reordering priorities, and finding new ways of doing things. This is accomplished by working together with groups and individuals to bring about global environmental and social change for the good of all. I believe that together we can change ways of thinking and doing, so I've outlined a path to guide others on a long, difficult, yet hopeful journey of change and transformation," says Fodrocy.

In developing the content for this series of videos, Sr. Mary Catherine sought to engage all the Dominican pillars of prayer, study, community, and service. During Catholic Sisters Week, from March 8 to 14, the Dominican Sisters invite you to engage in the study of Our Common Home, One Human Family and Laudato Si’. "I hope this format will encourage many to begin this important personal exploration," says Fodrocy.

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