Pauline Biblical Year

Published Jan 22, 2021

The Pauline Biblical Year

The Biblical Year of the Pauline Family with the theme “That the Word of the Lord may speed on,” was launched by the Pauline Family, Goa along with the Diocesan Centre for Biblical Apostolate on November 26.
The inaugural Mass by Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao was televised on CCRTV on 26 November at 7.00 a.m.

Announcing the Pauline Biblical Year in January 2020, the Major Superiors of the Pauline Family in Rome said that the common objective of the year-long celebration of the Biblical year is “To renew ourselves through familiarity, study and prayerful reading of the Sacred Scriptures, in order to live the Word of God so that it reaches everyone, especially those on the existential and thought peripheries.”

The Biblical Year 2020-2021 is the third in the history of the Pauline Family. The first was called by Blessed James Alberione in 1960-1961 to celebrate the 1900th anniversary of the arrival of St. Paul in Rome. The second was celebrated in 1961-1962, thirty years after the one proposed by the Founder, with the aim of re-launching the meaning of the Pauline family's service to the Word of God.

The current Biblical Year is a real time of grace. It takes place on the occasion of the special commemorations of the birth in heaven of two great lovers of the Word: 1600 year of the death of Saint Jerome (30 Sept 420) and 50th year of the death of Blessed JamesAlberione (26 November 1971).

The third Pauline Year will conclude on 26 November 2021, on the 50th death anniversary of the founder Blessed James

“We are in the Biblical year. If we want the sacred text to enter all families and be loved and understood, many means can be used, but the first means is to read, mediate, and love the Bible ourselves. Those who love the Bible later spread it. Anyone who loves reading the Bible becomes enlightened, useful to people." Blessed James Alberione

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