Reframing Retirement for Mission with CTU

Event date: June 7 - June 25

Catholic Theological Union's Reframing Retirement for Mission assists the participants in making the transition from active ministry to retirement, with a special focus on recognizing and living the retirement years as a fruitful period of life with possibilities for personal growth as well as new opportunities for engaging in ministry. Retirement need not mean withdrawal from meaningful work on behalf of Christ’s mission and ministry, but it does require a realistic, necessary and creative adjustment in how to continue to respond faithfully to the call to bring Christ to others and to our world.

Reframing Retirement for Mission will be offered online from Monday, June 7th – Friday June 25th. This program will include morning presentations from 9 -11 am CST from our renowned speakers. The topics include the spirituality of aging, life transitions, theological updating and the arts. Most talks will be recorded and will be posted on our private program site for viewing as well. Please see the attached schedule for more details. Optional online discussions with others in this stage of life transition will also be offered. We encourage all participants to build in time for personal reflection, spiritual direction and focus on your own wellbeing during this virtual experience that seeks to support real spiritual and ministerial growth.

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For information on group discounts of five or more individuals for Reframing Retirement for Mission please contact Jessica Curbis at