S. Alex Honored by Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School

Published Jun 24, 2021

In May, Sister Alexandria was honored by Msgr. McClancy Memorial High School in East Elmhurst, Queens, for her work on the school's Board of Directors for the past seven years. This award is “the highest honor bestowed by McClancy high school for character, leadership, achievement and service.” The school published a short biography of S. Alex, including her latest endeavor which involves conducting an ethnographic study in India on the indigenous language, Mangalorean Konkami.

She has had varied ministries! For a few weeks at the beginning of January 2020, S. Alex immersed herself in the language of Konkami to demonstrate its importance, validity and survival in a world that is being pressured by global dominance to speak Hindi or English. She met with a linguist daily to learn the language's structure and grammar. She also interviewed families to study how the language reflected their culture, faith, agriculture and natural environment.

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