Sisters of St. Dominic Delight in Meditative Art in Amityville

Published Dec 1, 2021

On November 9th at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville, NY, sisters gathered for a special workshop called Artful Contemplative Practice by Maureen Carey. Maureen is a former sister and a recently retired professor in the social work department of Molloy College. With quiet music in the air, sisters dripped drops of paint onto wet paper to watch the colors mingle and swirl into a beautiful design. What were the life lessons learned? "Not all things are in our control," said Maureen. And there is beauty in that! Maureen has been leading these types of workshops for more than two decades, offering them to our Sisters for the past three years. The Motherhouse sisters were happy to have her back!

Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville