Toronto Sisters Develop Post-Pandemic Campaign Urging Social Justice

Published May 6, 2020

TORONTO, ONTARIO/FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE/May 4, 2020: Inspired by Pope Francis’ recent call for a “creativity of love”, staff members for the Sisters of St. Joseph kick-off an online campaign today providing justice-focused solutions selected from around the globe.

“In an impossible world, anything is possible,” explains Leah Watkiss, Ministry Director, Social Justice, Peace, and Creation Care. "These are challenging times, but they are also an opportunity for us to reflect and consider how we can move forward in a just and sustainable way - to reimagine our world."

Since 1851, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto have worked with the most vulnerable of peoples in an effort to make their lives and our world a better place.  In line with this approach, this new campaign connects with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We invite media, individuals, organizations, families and corporations to join us for the next several weeks on as well as @Facebook and @Twitter as we walk toward a #CreativityofLove




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