Upcoming Zoom Program on Benedictine Formation

Listening with the Ear of Your Heart – Benedictine Formation

Five weekly sessions, beginning January 21, 2024

1:00-3:00 PM (Pacific Time)

In this 5-part retreat series developed by Sr. Teresa Jackson, Prioress of the Monastery of St. Gertrude, we will explore how that call is the beginning of a lifelong journey in Benedictine Formation.  On the most fundamental level, formation is how we live Benedictine life on a daily basis. It is absolutely critical to our commitment as oblates.  And yet, we may struggle at times to clearly understand what formation is and how to participate fully in the power of Benedictine practice. This retreat will deeply enrich your understanding of Benedictine formation, challenge you to deepen your commitment, and introduce practical ways to enter more deeply into the path of formation as Benedictines. Recommended for all oblates, new and longtime alike.

Each session begins with a beautiful visio divina, offers time for group reflection and sharing, and presents “homework” assignments.

Session Themes:

- Introduction to Formation. What formation is…and is NOT. Ultimately, the goal of formation is transformation.

- Introduction to the Practices of Benedictine Life. Practices are the heart of Benedictine life. Community as a practice.

- Practicing Benedictine Values. Prayer, lectio, reflection. Identifying key values, and practicing them.

- Reading the Rule. Reflecting on the Rule of Benedict in modern life. Wrestling with passages, and applying them to your own life.

- Living Benedictine Formation In Your Own Life. How to apply what we’ve learned to everyday life. Practical ways to deepen our commitment to Benedictine practices, and our community.