Ursuline Sisters of Toledo, Ohio Leadership Team's Statement on Racism

Published Apr 28, 2021

Ursuline Sisters of Toledo, Ohio Leadership Team’s Statement on Racism

The Ursuline Sisters of the Sacred Heart Leadership Team stand together to confront the destructive effects of racism on our communities and our country.

The guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd marks the end of another chapter of unjust violence by law enforcement on a person of color.  As leaders of the Ursuline Sisters who are called to live in holy relationship, it is our prayer that this also is the beginning of a new chapter on healing and systemic change.

We join the country as we grieve the loss of Mr. Floyd’s life and offer our prayers to his grieving family.  We offer our prayers and our commitment to continue to focus on the critical work of recognizing racism as a systemic cause of injustice to Black men and women and all people of color. 

As women of faith we are committed to the life work of replacing an unjust and broken system with justice and equality for all human beings.

We call on all Americans to stand in solidarity against all destructive, violent, hatred acts, and work toward a just peace for all humanity.  We must strive for the common good for all Americans with dignity and justice for all.

The Ursuline Leadership Team will continue to work to eradicate racism, White Privilege and all forms of prejudice and inequality.  We pray that the breath of the Spirit fill our hearts and minds with new life to transform a divisive nation into a united nation of liberty and justice for all Americans.

Sister Sandra Sherman, OSU                            

Sister Bernarda Breidenbach, OSU

Sister Nelda Chafitelli, OSU

Sister Donna Frey, OSU

Ursuline Sisters of Toledo, Ohio
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