Denise Kahambu Muhayirwa

Sr. Denise Kahambu Muhayirwa

(Courtesy of Trappist Dom Donald)

Date of Death
December 7, 2019


Denise Kahambu Muhayirwa, 44, was killed on Dec. 7, 2019, by armed uniformed men who broke into the monastery where she worked. The Notre Dame de la Clarte monastery in Murhesa is 20 kilometers from Bukavu City, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Muhayirwa, a Trappist nun, was in charge of the monastery's reception. She was killed at around 8 p.m after attending prayers with the community and guests who had attended a novitiate initiation ceremony for their daughters. The nun tried to run to safety while screaming to alert her fellow sisters after encountering the armed militia who pursued her and shot her on her left thigh. She fell and bled to death within minutes as other religious sisters took cover.