Jeanne Yegmane

A white dove in flight


Date of Death
January 15, 2011


Sr. Jeanne Yegmane was murdered on Jan. 15, 2011, in a street ambush after armed bandits loyal to the Lord’s Resistance Army sprung from the forest, opening fire to cars and passengers and taking others hostage. 

A nurse and an ophthalmologist, Yegmane had worked as the superior of her congregation, the Order of Saint Augustine Sisters of Dungu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After she retired from the post, Yegmane was sent to Kinshasa, the capital of DRC, to specialize in ophthalmology. 

She is remembered for her commitment to healing the sick and for her determination to set up the Ophthalmologique Siloe Center in Isiro, a clinic that would provide health services to the more than 2 million residents in the Alto Huele District of eastern Congo.