The review's in: Sr. Rose Pacatte prepares delicious Thanksgiving treat

Want to add something special to your Thanksgiving feast? Look no further! NCR contributor and host of The IN Network's INNdustry with Sr. Rose, Sr. Rose Pacatte and Ruthie Blacksea joined forces to make savory grape and gorgonzola truffles on this special Thanksgiving edition of Pre-Prans with Ruthie. In addition to the anyone-can-do-it recipe, Sr. Rose lets Ruthie in on her favorite Thanksgiving film AND shares her favorite beer selection for the occasion. 


Pre-Prans with Ruthie is an IN Network original series featuring Ruthie Blacksea (a yoga instructor-turned head chef at the California Jesuit Novitiate) cooking up delicious recipes and sharing inside tips on how she manages to feed thirty men entering the priesthood while balancing motherhood, friendships, and day-to-day life. Part cooking-show, part unscripted comedy, and part talk-show, the series is inspired by Jesuit Pre-prandials, the time-honored tradition of coming together for drinks, appetizers, and good conversation before a meal. Additional episodes featuring young Jesuits from The Jesuit Post, and many fantastic recipes to bring your community together can be found at