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Anne Umbach, Sister of St. Dominic of Amityville

Sister of St. Dominic of Amityville Anne Umbach was the first Sister of our Congregation lost due to complications from the Corona Virus on April 2, 2020. Dominican Sister Nancy Farry writes about her experience at the burial: .... We attended your burial today. Because of a virus we watched the liturgy on an iPad, in the parking lot. Not many attended in chapel and they sat far apart. The liturgy was beautiful. The music was perfect. And the day was spectacular! The sun was shining and the sky a cloudless beautiful blue. The trees were sporting their spring blossoms as we traveled up the path to the cemetery. What was missing in volume of attendees was apparent in the measure of heart of those who could attend representing the ones who could not be there. We were led in prayer and sang the Dominican blessing and as hands extended heavenward we envisioned you there... Joyfully reverent in a new freedom being loved there you are here and we clapped...sharing the joy of a resurrection. May the love you shared here ...continue as you enjoy the presence of Love ... In the place prepared for you by Him Who is Eternal Love.... Anne, our love for you continues and we do miss you!
Submitted by Nancy Farry, Amityville, NY