Ann Marie Paul is a Sister of Christian Charity from Passaic, New Jersey. She is currently director of the Passaic Neighborhood Center for Women, a collaborative ministry of the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey, and its religious communities. Follow the center's blog at

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The stories of COVID-19: a future and a hope

I wonder what stories will be told about this time in our history. Years from now, what will be said of the response of the sisters in 2020, who were faced with the disease of COVID-19?

COVID-19: God's plan and mine

Our sisters who had COVID-19 appear to be better, and we are so grateful for this. But the experience of the five weeks of their illness was so profound that it took me three months to begin to write about it.

The kookaburra's lessons

Recently I shared with the sisters in my local community a song I learned in third grade about the kookaburra bird. Little did I know that the kookaburra would teach me a lesson a few days later.

Turning toward Jesus with Mary of Magdala

When the verb "turn" occurs in the New Testament, it usually involves Jesus saying something significant about discipleship. Mary Magdala and others encountering the risen Lord can help us understand.