Carol J. Dempsey, Ph.D., a Dominican Sister from Caldwell, New Jersey, and professor of biblical studies at the University of Portland, Oregon, is the author of eight books, editor of 10 books, and is currently working on Isaiah for Liturgical Press' Wisdom Commentary Series. She specializes in prophets and feminist hermeneutics.

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Advent 2018: Times of peril, promise

Celebration's Scripture for Life column - During the Advent and Christmas season, Global Sisters Report is sharing Celebration's weekly "Scripture for Life" columns, commentary on the Sunday readings by sisters and others.

Isaiah's vision of leadership

Many of the liturgical readings for Advent are taken from the book of Isaiah. The poet within the book offers us a vision of leadership that is timeless, transformative and prophetic.

Preaching truth today: What does it require?

Preaching truth is needed now as much as it was in the time of the ancient biblical prophets who had to deal with many of the same political, social, economic and religious challenges that people face today in a 21st-century world.