Death-row spiritual advisers weigh in on Supreme Court case

A case before the Supreme Court Nov. 1 argues that death-row chaplains should be able to pray aloud with inmates and place their hands on them in prayer during executions.

Sr. Helen Prejean, other panelists urge Catholics to discuss death penalty at parish level

During an online panel about the death penalty Oct. 19, panelists stressed how capital punishment goes against church teaching.

Some Catholic hospitals now require employees to get COVID-19 vaccine

Health workers at Catholic hospitals should be vaccinated because they are "serving people at a vulnerable time of sickness," Mercy Sr. Mary Haddad said. "The thought that they could infect someone is unconscionable."

Assembly focuses on pandemic's impact, health inequities

At the annual assembly of the Catholic Health Association, its members were applauded for their work  and  urged to combat health disparities in this country, many of which were exposed during the pandemic.