Dan Stockman

National correspondent

Dan Stockman is national correspondent for Global Sisters Report. He was a reporter at daily newspapers in Michigan, Illinois and Indiana for nearly two decades before joining GSR in 2014. Follow him on Twitter @DanStockman or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/dan.stockman2.

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Articles by Dan Stockman

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The moving plight of migrants Feb 1, 2016 Story : Blog
International sisters play important and growing role in US communities Feb 2, 2016 Story : News
The legacy of St. Josephine Bakhita Feb 8, 2016 Story : Blog
Asylum-seekers released from federal custody after receiving legal help Feb 9, 2016 Story : News
Parts of Brazil crawl out of the mud Feb 15, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Patricia Coughlin, of dreaming and spirituality Feb 18, 2016 Story : Blog
How a junior diplomat cracked the murder case of four US churchwomen Feb 22, 2016 Story : Blog
Faith that we will learn something along the way Feb 29, 2016 Story : Blog
National Catholic Sisters Week goes local Mar 3, 2016 Story : News
Q & A with Sr. Mary Ann Azanza, witness to the People Power Revolution Mar 3, 2016 Story : Blog
The nightmare continues in Yemen after latest attack Mar 7, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Mary Madonna Ashton, National Women's History Project honoree Mar 8, 2016 Story : Blog
God looks out for us, no matter the vocation Mar 14, 2016 Story : Blog
Their sisters' keeper: Siblings bring additional joy to religious life Mar 16, 2016 Story : News
National Catholic Sisters Week reaches 5 million across 170 events, organizer says Mar 17, 2016 Story : News
Dominican Sisters already knew it was genocide Mar 21, 2016 Story : Blog
Look to the sisters in an increasingly terror-driven world Mar 29, 2016 Story : Blog
New mission territory: the United States Apr 4, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Monique Tarabeh, praying for family in Syria Apr 7, 2016 Story : Blog
South Sudan inches toward genocide Apr 11, 2016 Story : Blog
Boko Haram is still using children as slaves, weapons Apr 18, 2016 Story : Blog
Casualties in Ecuador earthquake include women religious Apr 18, 2016 Story : Blog
Hunger strike at detention facility highlights continued mistreatment of detainees Apr 25, 2016 Story : Blog
Social media opens windows to women religious communities and their charisms May 2, 2016 Story : News
Q & A with Rachael Consoli, delivering babies in a war zone May 5, 2016 Story : Blog