Donna L. Ciangio is a Sister of St. Dominic of Caldwell, New Jersey. With an academic background in fine arts, religious studies, education and ministry, she has been the director (U.S. and international) of Renew International and the director of pastoral services for the National Pastoral Life Center. She has worked extensively in church leadership consultation. Most recently, she has been the chancellor of the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey, and is on its synod team. She speaks, writes and publishes extensively.

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Personal reflections on the synod on synodality

The contributions of religious to the synod process are invaluable. The three synod concepts of communion, participation and mission are the common elements of religious life.

An eyewitness reflects on the World Trade Center attack

"It was awful and unreal. ... It was like nothing that I ever thought I would experience in my lifetime in New York City or any other place."

Reading in an empty cathedral and other pandemic experiences

No one could have told us in early March that we would be celebrating Palm Sunday and the Triduum through livestream. We probably would have said it could never happen. Yet, it did!

Seeking truth together

Small Christian communities provide an environment in which members read and wrestle with the meaning of Scripture, church teaching and faith in order to find the truth of what God speaks to them. The wrestling is important, because Catholics don't generally question enough to make Scripture or church teaching their own.