Doreen Ajiambo is a multi-media journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. She covers religion, refugees and politics stories from East Africa and beyond for various outlets in Europe.

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Dimesse sisters link female prisoners to society in Kenya

Looking to change lives in prison and after release, sisters bring inmates food, underwear, sanitary pads, Bibles and basic health services, along with teaching skills, spiritual coaching and behavioral change.

Sisters encourage Masai mothers to turn to medically assisted deliveries

Tanzania is rated among the 20 countries with the highest maternal mortality rate, and among the Masai community there, the rate is higher than the national average. Catholic sisters are providing education, advocacy and hospitals to turn that around.

Sisters aid in rescue of flood victims in eastern Africa

Dozens of nuns battled thick mud and floodwaters across the remote areas of eastern Uganda to find survivors of a deadly river burst that submerged entire villages. "We took most survivors to various churches and are stranded as they are living without food, beddings and clothing among other basic needs," said one sister.

Ghana sister rescues disabled children viewed as bad omens in their villages

In some parts of Ghana, children born with physical and mental disabilities are believed to be "spirit children" who cause of all kinds of misfortunes, from famine and failed crops to infertility and the death of parents. As a result, many of these children are killed. One sister is working to save their lives.