Doreen Ajiambo is a multi-media journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. She covers religion, refugees and politics stories from East Africa and beyond for various outlets in Europe.

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Q & A with Sr. Redemptor Ikonga on her passion for taking care of Mother Nature

Sr. Redemptor Ikonga a plants an average of 10 trees every day. She and the sisters of her congregation began to work toward the need for environmental sustainability because they believe care of the environment is inherently connected to the care of the poor.

Notre Dame sisters mobilize to fend off child traffickers in Tanzania

The Sisters of Notre Dame, along with other congregations in Tanzania, play key roles in the fight against child trafficking. They provide assistance to victims. They raise awareness by traveling to rural communities to educate village elders, women's groups and youth groups about trafficking experiences and dangers.

Sisters in Eritrea struggle with impact from evictions, hospital closings

"I have never seen such heartless people": Nuns who live and work in Catholic-run medical facilities in Eritrea have been forcefully evicted from their residences, as the government seized and closed down the country's Catholic hospitals and health centers. 

Sister inspires Kenyan nomadic girls to join religious life

Sr. Teena Menomparampil has rescued hundreds of young village girls from the cultural realities of early marriage, female genital mutilation, child trafficking and child labor that plague so many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. After offering them care and education, she finds many of the girls gravitate toward sisterhood.