Eilis McCulloh is a Sister of the Humility of Mary. She is a student at the University of Akron School of Law in Ohio. She is on the board of Akron Interfaith Immigration Advocates and co-chair of the Family Support Community. She is also a grassroots mobilization fellow at Network, a Catholic social justice lobby, and is active with Giving Voice. She is passionate about refugee and immigration issues, having completed immersions in Haiti and in Immokalee, Florida, where she volunteered at a legal aid office serving migrant workers.

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A reminder as Russia invades Ukraine: If you want peace, work for justice

Should we be shocked about Russia's unprovoked attack on Ukraine, just another war on a long list of violence and wars around the world? That is exactly why we should be shocked.

The Spirit invites us to touch reality

Horizons - Is signing a petition or donating money enough, or are we called to change the way we live? Are we open to the Spirit who calls us into relationship with individuals affected by systemic injustice?

'Find Us Ready' to respond to needs of the times

Horizons: The needs of the times do not wait for us to plan a response. They demand us to respond with the same sense of urgency that they call out to us. We must let go of control and our own desires to respond perfectly.

'¿Quieres más comida?': learning to be in community

I needed to let Señora María welcome me into her life and her family. I needed to be fully present to life with her family. I needed to let them be a conduit of Jesus' love to me.