Elizabeth Browne-Russell is a Sister of St. Joseph of Cluny from New Zealand. After entering the congregation in Auckland, she taught at both primary and secondary school levels in New Zealand, Fiji, the Cook Islands and the Philippines. With an academic background in education, she also has credentials in music, religious education and spiritual direction. For 10 years, she was provincial leader of the Cluny Sisters, working in New Zealand, the Philippines, Fiji and the Cook Islands. Presently she is community leader, doing general administrative work for the convent and diocese, and care-giving for her 100-year-old mother.

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The view from Cook Islands in the South Pacific, so far COVID-free

There are no COVID-19 cases in the Cook Islands as of Dec. 9, but the global pandemic has had great economic, social, cultural, mental and environmental impact on us here, with both positive and negative results.