As recruiting era slows, women religious reflect, then choose new course

Amid times of sadness as colleagues died and ministries were reconfigured or surrendered, women religious have not been overwhelmed. Instead they have brought skill, resilience and profound faith to the task of planning for their individual and corporate futures. 

Two sisters discover unique gift deep within their suffering

A Good Death, Part 2 - Though they are separated by a generation, two Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia have spent years living with cancer diagnoses, sharing a life-altering experience of an illness that threatens to turn deadly. Both find strength in being of service to others and in the support from their community. "When they say, 'I'm praying for you,' I know they are, and I know I can go the next few feet," says Sr. Margaret Lewis. 

Death never has the last word, and sisters never die alone

A Good Death, Part 1 - When it comes to death and dying, sisters bring eternal hope, humor and a well-organized file folder ... just in case. Interviews with sisters in a variety of communities suggest that many bring a bracingly practical, even matter-of-fact approach to preparing for the inevitable.

Sister to sister: Religious reflect on who inspired them to follow God's call

"She helped me discern what this call was all about. She's been there from the beginning." On the surface, these sisters' life stories seem radically different, but what they have in common was a connection with another woman, one that altered the trajectory of their lives — someone who sparked a desire for religious life they might not have known existed.