Jaesen Evangelista recently graduated from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., with a degree in biology pre-med. She is a former member of the St. Joseph Worker Program in Orange, California, where she served at the Mission Hospital Family Resource Center with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. She has a passion for mental health equity and inclusion, cultural awareness, environmentalism, and the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

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To be part of womankind is to be limitless

Notes from the Field - I recently ended my year of service. I wanted to dedicate my final blog post to the fundamental life lesson I will carry with me from my year of service. I'd like to talk about women.

My true journey: I am doing a year of service, and I have depression

Notes from the Field - You don't have to be perfect to do a year of service. You don't have to be tired anymore from trying to convince everyone that everything is always OK. All you have to be is you, the real and honest you.

Why is a butterfly a symbol of migration?

Notes from the Field - Like a monarch butterfly, a migrant travels far and wide to escape a harsh reality in search of a safe place. And both are beautiful.

What does it mean to live a legacy?

Notes from the Field - I can cook Filipino food (though it's not as tasty as his). I can play mahjong (though not as well as he did). But it is in the community and the service I embrace that my papa lives on in me.