Janice McLaughlin has been a Maryknoll Sister since 1961, working on the African continent since 1969 in the fields of mass media, adult education and justice and peace. The author of several books, including Ostriches, Dung Beetles and Other Spiritual Masters (Orbis 2009), she has a BA from Marquette University in theology and anthropology and a doctorate from the University of Zimbabwe in religious studies. She was imprisoned in colonial Rhodesia for three weeks and deported by Ian Smith's government for her work with the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace. She also worked in Mozambique with refugees fleeing the war in Rhodesia.

Janice was president of the Maryknoll Sisters from 2009 to 2015. She is presently on the Research Board of the Catholic University of Zimbabwe, and the communications officer for the African Forum for Catholic Social Teaching. She lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe. 

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Zimbabwe at a crossroads

As families in the United States gathered to give thanks for their blessings on Thanksgiving Day this year, families in Zimbabwe gathered to pray for peace and a new beginning for a country that has suffered under the rule of one man for 37 years. I watched the dramatic events of the past week with surprise and with appreciation for the spirit of peace and calm that prevailed. I talked to people.