Jennibeth Sabay is a junior sister of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Castres, a missionary congregation committed to the poorest of the poor. Before entering the novitiate in 2016, she was a public health nurse in Cebu Provincial Health Office in the Philippines. Currently, she assists in a program called Pastoral Care for Children-Philippines and volunteers in medical missions and social actions organized by different church organizations. She also serves on a vocation team and at Emilie's Home, a program for women and children in her parish and neighboring areas.

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Intercultural community life is a gift of God

Living in an international community is far from easy, but God's grace makes it possible. It has allowed me to discover similarities and differences of each person and their culture, with our same faith in Jesus Christ.

Virtual Mass as the real presence of Christ amid pandemic

Crisis has not hindered the church from finding ways to nourish our faith. Virtual gatherings for worship and prayer have been real experiences of connection for people who cannot leave their homes.

Connection — with God, others and ourselves — sustains us

We are relational beings. With this pandemic, we may face physical distancing and movement restrictions, but those will never hinder us from connecting and nurturing our relationships with God and fellow human beings.

COVID-19, an unexpected jubilee experience

Jubilee is a time to return to the source of life, God when we wander away from our real home (forgetting that we can never survive, away from the source of everything). I realized in my isolation, without God, to whom else can I go?