At the Vatican, Sr. Simone Campbell blasts 'male power'

Sr. Simone Campbell suggests that senior clergy at the Vatican are more preoccupied with power than confronting issues that affect the faithful, like clerical sexual abuse. "These men worry more about the form and the institution than about real people," says the Sister of Social Service.

On her 110th birthday, Italy's oldest native-born nun says love is the secret to life

Candida Bellotti, Italy's oldest native-born nun, celebrated her 110th birthday Feb. 20: "Love, love and keep on loving. With joy!" Bellotti said as she marked the big milestone at the convent where she lives in the Tuscan town of Lucca.

Catholic nuns under siege in Syria appeal for help

Despite intense bombing and severe food shortages, several Carmelite nuns are refusing to abandon the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo and have appealed for urgent aid. "How can we abandon these people in their suffering? Our presence is important for them."

Cardinal seeks a truce in fight between U.S. nuns and Vatican’s doctrinal office

A senior Vatican official on Tuesday tried to defuse the damaging rift between the Vatican and U.S. nuns after a recent rebuke over obedience and doctrinal differences.