Julie A. Ferraro, a journalist for more than 30 years, is a Benedictine Oblate of the Monastery of the Ascension, Jerome, Idaho. She currently uses her communication and other skills in service to various organizations within the Benedictine family.

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The call of a simple Lent: Unclutter your spiritual house

Lent is a time to let in some fresh air, blow away the spiritual cobwebs and renew the soul. As with a physical spring cleaning when we get rid of excess "stuff," the soul must be freed of ideas that weigh down faith.

This sister is a living advertisement for Benedictine balance

One Benedictine Oblate with a camera captures images of her community members' efforts to live the balance St. Benedict outlined more than 1,500 years ago.

Psychological, emotional and verbal abuse by priests still ignored

Some bishops and religious superiors scoff at notifications that priests treat women religious and laity like dirt. These authority figures refuse to investigate the claims and take no action against the perpetrator.

From Franciscans in Pennsylvania, on to new adventure with Benedictines in Kansas

GSR Today - The silence and peace have made it possible for me to listen to the divine voice, and discern where I could support women religious — even if the chance of me formally joining a religious community is slim.