Kari Pohl is a Sister of St. Joseph of Baden, Pennsylvania, who has been serving in Nicaragua since 2010 in the fields of community health education and pastoral ministry.

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Wasting water: Waiting for true wake-up call

Contrary to what is stated in Laudato Sí, I don't see a "lack of interest" — in me or in anyone else in seeking solutions to the environmental crisis. What I see and experience is a sense of powerlessness, a feeling of being overwhelmed, a fear of being swallowed alive by forces far beyond what the average person can control.

Notes from the Zika zone: Tropical diseases belong to all of us

Inspired by Georgia Perry's recent Three Stats and a Map "Zika has a 60-year history", I decided that I would send out a dispatch from the tropics, from Nicaragua, from the Zika zone.