Katie Delaney is a writer, educator, and yoga + green smoothie enthusiast. After graduating from Franklin and Marshall College with a bachelor's degree in English literature in 2012, Katie spent four years working with aspiring first-generation college students across a number of organizations (and states): Lasallian Volunteers in Racine, Wisconsin; F&M College Prep in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and the Y-Scholars Program in Berkeley, California. She graduated from Saint Mary's College of California's Master in Leadership program in May 2016 and decided to embark on her first international experience as a Good Shepherd Volunteer for one year in Santiago, Chile.

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Meeting God face to face

Notes from the Field - As I write this, my final Notes from the Field blog with GSR, I am in my last week as a Good Shepherd Volunteer in Chile; by the time it is published, I will have been back in the United States for almost a full week. Have I changed?

Simplicity: time, space and presence

Notes from the Field - I felt I was starting as a Good Shepherd Volunteer with my gas tank already on empty. But much to my surprise, my year of service provided me with the rejuvenation I was yearning for.

Letting go while giving thanks

Notes from the Field - Welcoming the stranger, building connections, celebrating differences and discovering commonalities — these are the gifts which, having been blessed with in Chile, I hope to offer all whom I encounter in the future.

Spirituality with the sisters: Four movements of prayer

Notes from the Field - While we may not hold the title of "Sister," we Good Shepherd Volunteers have been blessed by the sisters' willingness to share their spirituality — a spirituality I have learned can be relevant to anyone, not just those in religious life.