Sr. Kenise Marie Neill of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart has worked in child protection and social welfare in Australia for many years. She has a number of degrees and certificates related to her ministry, which has included a variety of child care programs at both the delivery level — from an orphanage to statuatory child protection — and senior management in policy and program development with Aboriginal Family Support Services. Kenise is currently serving in leadership for her congregation. 

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We are Earth: What is Earth hearing and feeling?

What are we seeing, hearing and feeling? How do we respond with vision and courage, giving our lives for freedom, healing, peace and love in society, church and the world in 2020?

Protecting children: the way forward

We are challenged to raise our consciousness to a level where we will avoid repeating the mistakes of the past in our care and protection of children. The way forward is contrary to our natural instinct and how we have responded in the past.