Kerry DiNardo is a Notre Dame Mission Volunteer AmeriCorps member in her second year of service at Cristo Rey Boston High School, where she works in the Student Life Office. There, she plans retreats and events, directs the extracurricular program, and coaches basketball and softball. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kerry graduated from St. Joseph's University with a degree in business intelligence in May 2014.

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Saying goodbye to Cristo Rey and my year of service

Notes from the Field - The last day of the 2015-2016 school year, June 17, was also the last day of my two years as a volunteer at Cristo Rey Boston High School. It came quicker than I thought possible. I spent the last couple of weeks completing the "lasts" of my volunteer duties at school.

Competition, teamwork and trust

Notes from the Field - Friendly competition can spur the best teambuilding. At Cristo Rey high school in Boston, Spirit Week is a high point of the year for a lot of our students.

Self-discovery lives outside the comfort zone

Notes from the Field - One of the main functions of my job is coordinating both Widening Horizons, the after-school program at our school, as well as class retreats for each of the grades. At the Student Life program, we want to help the students form their whole selves intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Learning life skills through sports

Notes from the Field - I've been playing sports ever since I can remember. I spent every waking minute that I wasn't in school on the softball or soccer fields and volleyball or basketball courts. These are the places I learned so many lessons and life skills that I still carry with me today: self-confidence, teamwork, commitment, and more.