Dr. Laura M. Leming, F.M.I. (Marianist) is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Dayton and serves on the Board of Trustees of St. Mary's University. Her areas of expertise include the sociology of religion, global religions, and social psychology. She is the author of several peer reviewed journal articles including "Women, Religious Agency and the Politics of Vocation;" "Protecting Children on the Margins: Social Justice and Community Building;" and "The Millennial Generation on Catholic Campuses: Changes and Challenges in Ethnicity, Social Status, Spirituality and Gender."

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May God expand our too-small hearts

"Oh my God, my heart is too small to love you. So I will make you loved by so many other hearts that their love will make up for the littleness of mine." So prayed our foundress, Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon, beatified last year.

Seeing 'Africa' with new eyes

"Now my eyes have seen": Three weeks in Ghana and Togo opened my mind and heart not only to health and educational needs in the countries, but to their peoples' wonderful capacities.

Jesus comforts the women

The Eighth Station is a fitting meditation for a cluster of my experiences in India that illustrate how church people continue to live this moment in the passion of Jesus — a moment of compassion.

Living the pattern of Mary's life as 21st-century religious

As a vowed religious with nearly 40 years of profession, I cannot speak for the newest generation of religious in apostolic congregations. But I feel impelled as one called (and privileged) to accompany novices to share some reflections on the next coming age of religious life.