Margaret Gonsalves belongs to the Sisters For Christian Community, Washington D.C. She is active in church and theological fora. As founder of ANNNI Charitable Trust, she works to empower indigenous girls and women, offering residential programs in English and sustainable development skills in India.

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God ran away

Edwina Gateley's memoir oozes the mystical power of a listening heart, the excitement of freedom, and a profound call to kindness channeling through deep faith, allowing everyone to hear the seeds of integrity, compassion and daring courage.

The power of anointing touch

In anointing massage, oils and tears work as outer and inner healers, evoking feelings of being loved, freeing from the yoke of buried guilt, and awakening new hope for the future.

Nature my chapel, poems my psalms

As I enjoyed Kalyani Nagar Joggers Park, there was a wonderful interplay of words of prayer like Rabindranath Tagore's poem and reading from the primordial sacred book called nature.

Dancing in rough seas

When my view of religious life was shaken to the core, a spectacle of dolphins I once witnessed totally altered my perspective and became a great spiritual teacher.