Margaret Gonsalves

Margaret Gonsalves is a Sister for Christian Community and feminist theologian active in the Ecclesia of Women in Asia and Indian Women Theologians Forum. As founder of ANNNI Charitable Trust, she networks in solidarity with nongovernmental organizations to run free residential programs in intensive spoken English to empower Indigenous girls and women. She organizes MADness workshops to implement the United Nations' sustainable development goals as well as the spirituality of Laudato Si' and Fratelli Tutti.


La hermana Margaret Gonsalves pertenece a la congregación Sisters for Christian Community y participa en las organizaciones Ecclesia of Women in Asia e Indian Women Theologians Forum como teóloga feminista activa. Como fundadora de ANNNI Charitable Trust, trabaja conjuntamente y de forma solidaria con organizaciones no gubernamentales, con el fin de llevar a cabo programas residenciales gratuitos de inglés intensivo para empoderar a las niñas y mujeres indígenas.

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