We are displaced people; we wonder what is next

As we approach the first anniversary of our displacement, we look back and recall the past 12 months. We undertake this recollection to call to mind what the Lord has done for us, and how he accompanied us throughout the night of Aug. 6, 2014, as we were displaced with his people. Now, as IDPs, and with the rest of our people, we do face everyday challenges. We wonder how long this will last. Our hearts are filled with sadness and overwhelming grief. We wait but we get nothing; we think but do not understand.

An update from Dominican sisters in Iraq

GSR Today - The situation in Iraq for Christians and others is growing desperate, as there is enormous lack of supplements, food, water, clothes, medication, housing and money. And Erbil cannot accommodate all these people. However, we are doing what we can. All sisters, who are able to work, leave every morning and are out until evening, trying to help people settle and provide some food, with the help of the church and refugee centers.