Maria Longo was born and raised in the Alabama countryside. As the oldest of nine children, she has always been blessed with an adventurous life and a good bit of responsibility. She went to school at the University of South Alabama, and she is happy to be serving with the Notre Dame AmeriCorps program.

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Fatherhood and a need for hope

Notes from the Field - When I say that I was "blessed" as a child, what I really should be saying is that I was loved abundantly. Some of the young children from the South Bronx I serve are angry, and they seem to be lacking what I had.

Art and the closet Catholic: princess edition

Notes from the Field - I am a firm believer as a lover of art and as a Catholic that all art also holds a certain amount of the transcendentals: truth, goodness and beauty. My sisters and I, under stay-at-home orders, have been exploring the truths found in Disney animation princesses.

Isolation makes vulnerability difficult

Notes from the Field - Before we were forced into social isolation, the idea of vulnerability was a huge topic of discussion for our community at dinner one night. The one thing I have clung to from New York City — aside from the love and service of my students — is my community; namely, my roommates.

And with you in spirit

Notes from the Field: With school closures, the challenge lies open to me, my fellow missionaries and school staff to support our students however we can. For now, our only means of communications are machines and the virtual world. And prayer.