Maria Longo was born and raised in the Alabama countryside. As the oldest of nine children, she has always been blessed with an adventurous life and a good bit of responsibility. She went to school at the University of South Alabama, and she is happy to be serving with the Notre Dame AmeriCorps program.

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In community, I saw that we are all crepuscular beings

Notes from the Field: My favorite word is "crepuscular," something between light and dark, in a twilight. We as human beings are crepuscular. Our free will sets us at a crossroads while we dwell here within time and space.

Pandemic reveals how much we need God and each other

Notes from the Field - We are unable to interact with each other as we normally would. I am no longer able to live among the people I serve in the South Bronx. Instead, I must work from my family home in Georgia.

Fatherhood and a need for hope

Notes from the Field - When I say that I was "blessed" as a child, what I really should be saying is that I was loved abundantly. Some of the young children from the South Bronx I serve are angry, and they seem to be lacking what I had.

Art and the closet Catholic: princess edition

Notes from the Field - I am a firm believer as a lover of art and as a Catholic that all art also holds a certain amount of the transcendentals: truth, goodness and beauty. My sisters and I, under stay-at-home orders, have been exploring the truths found in Disney animation princesses.