Mary Ellen Brody is a member of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas living in Dallas, Pennsylvania. In addition to formal studies, her learning has come through involvement with vulnerable populations: abused and neglected children, homeless men, women and children, immigrants, and people in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain. Her extensive ministry opportunities have been in Pennsylvania, San Francisco, St. Louis, McAllen and Laredo, Texas, and Guyana and Honduras. Currently she companions others on their spiritual journeys, after her own life experiences in social work, human service administration, pastoral care, massage therapy and energy work.

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If migration is not criminalized

Visiting three small communities with 30 to 40 families in each group, we heard from the people how they had been displaced and were currently under threat of yet another displacement. All were poor working families paying rent but facing the possibility of losing their modest shelters: although one community had land gifted by its owner, they had no documents to prove that gift.