Maureen Finn has lived in Brazil since January 1984, after doing parish work in Selma, Alabama, for 8 years. In Brazil she has done pastoral ministry in small communities in central west Brazil, and currently is the regional coordinator for the Conference of Brazilian Religious in the state of Goias. She lives in community with Joana Mendes and three other Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester.

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'A dose of hope': Helping the vaccination effort in Brazil

Every day we hear of someone who is sick or has died from COVID-19. That's why the two of us— who live in the city of Goiania in Brazil — are now contributing to the country's vaccination efforts.

A Cry for Life: Trafficking and Brazil

For religious women and men throughout Brazil, the World Cup Games are seen as a “mega event” that will augment an already very serious violation against human dignity: human trafficking in its various forms. We know that this is highly organized crime, with national and international networks of procurers, transporters and sellers. But religious have been organizing, too.