An early morning contemplative ride

Contemplate This - He was not what I expected from an Uber driver. It was a contemplative sitting as I opened myself to listen to this young man, to hear the voice and experience of the future.

Seeds of change can still take root

Contemplate This - As the tiniest of seeds holds within itself the power to germinate — becoming a plant providing energy, beauty and food — so, too, do all the acts for social justice, peace, human rights and ecological justice.

Trafficking weaves a web around our lives

Contemplate This - Contemplation invites us to awaken to the reality around us. It helps us see in new ways what can be considered an everyday experience. It asks us to take a long, loving look at the real so that what is invisible may come into view. The issue of human trafficking has been in our consciousness for many years. Women religious have worked tirelessly to bring this issue to the forefront of political debate and corporate decision making.

A healthy planet is the right to life

Contemplate This - Seeing climate change as an existential crisis is worth pondering and bringing to contemplation. Climate change seen in this way brings us face to face with the core questions of every human person. Who are we? Why are we here? What do we care about? Faith and religion have tried to address such questions and offer ways of responding.