Quincy Howard is a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa, Wisconsin. After a career in urban planning and disaster recovery, she ministers on Capitol Hill as a federal policy advocate for social justice.

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Making space for a come-to-Jesus moment

Horizons - In early 2021 I knew that the stress of my ministry wasn't sustainable. But crafting an intentional exit plan and exploring different ministry options seemed like an impossible luxury, given the relentless pace.

Religious vows offer wisdom as we experience this epic uncertainty

Horizons - What might commitment look like for all of us in the midst of this massive, disruptive global transition? How might the current crisis be a catalyst to push that evolution forward, opening hearts and minds to new possibilities?

The call to inclusion

Horizons - Three encounters at my motherhouse — involving significant differences of opinion — gave me pause and had me reflecting on progressive and inclusive authenticity.

Taking action for the least of these

I am outraged at our government's demonization and inhumane treatment of immigrants. So, to stand for pro-life values, I chose to get arrested during the Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children.