Rosemary Wanyoike was trained as a nurse before joining the Sisters of Mercy in Kenya. She has worked in Turkana, Kenya, and in Zambia, where she worked with people with HIV/AIDS. After her perpetual profession in 2008, she attended a formation program in Ireland and now directs her community's formation program in Kenya.

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Every grownup has an obligation to the children in our society

In our society the cohort between birth and age 15 is sometimes ignored — yet those are the formative years that give society its future adults. What we pass on to children today is what they will give back to our society.

Are we on the road to Emmaus or the road to Jerusalem?

With belief comes the gift of the Holy Spirit, and with this Jesus gives us the power to forgive. The ease with which we forgive shows that we are indeed people of resurrection.

Lent offers chance to make spiritual growth concrete

As my forehead was signed with ashes, I was declaring to all that I will practice Lenten exercises fully, and that as I pray, fast and give alms, my relationship with God and my fellow humans will improve.

Christmas: A season of homecoming

As people who share with Mary in her joy of Incarnation, let us become people of Visitation: moving out of our comfort zones and going out to share in the joy of others and mourn with those who are mourning.