Simone Orendain is a freelance multimedia journalist who reports from the Chicago/Midwest area and Asia. A seasoned journalist of nearly 20 years, Simone regularly covers the Catholic Church in Asia and the United States. She was a foreign correspondent based in Manila for six years before returning to the United States in the summer of 2016. In the United States, Simone was an education reporter and regularly covered business and religion. She has covered Pope Francis' visits to South Korea and the Philippines as well as a wide range of subjects including peace talks between Muslim rebels and the Philippine government, China's relations with its Southeast Asian neighbors, and U.S.-Asia military relations. 

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Q & A with Sr. Magdalena Rybak, caring for patients in an ICU dialysis wing

Running an eight-bed intensive care unit at a long-term acute care facility has its ups and downs, Sr. Magdalena Rybak says. But the 42-year-old Sister of the Holy Family of Nazareth says it's all part of a calling that is alive and well more than 20 years after she entered religious life. She talked to Global Sisters Report about nursing, her life's passion.

Q & A with Sr. Chelsea Bethany Davis on being a young Daughter of St. Paul

Sr. Chelsea Bethany Davis, 26, says she is the youngest professed sister of the Daughters of St. Paul. Davis is about four years from professing her final vows. She spoke with Global Sisters Report about life as a millennial sister at a time when about 90 percent of American women religious are over 60.

Philippine nuns, priests say role in revolution affected their faith

Religious and clergy in the Philippines say their experiences in the People Power Revolution 30 years ago have had a lasting impact on their faith and vocations. Sr. Porferia "Pingping" Ocariza, a member of the Daughters of St. Paul said that what she did Feb. 23, 1986, was worth it.