Teresita Abraham is a Presentation Sister from India living in rural Zambia. She is passionate about the new creation story and the spirituality of being in communion that seeks God in the inter-connectedness of all life and promote love for self, others and all of nature. Together with the local community she has created the Garden of Oneness, a sanctuary of peace and harmony where she lives and works. 

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Wisdom of wilderness

The wilderness has nourished me throughout life. Years ago, being among Zambia's indigenous trees eased the challenge of missioning in a new country. Now, pollution and urbanization have created a new reality.

Many lamps, one flame

A Zambian village's two-week ceremony welcomed young women to adulthood, culminating in a prayerful, joyful gathering of family, friends and neighbors. Truly, God was in this place, and I and came away with a heart full of gratitude.

Listening to the heartbeat: God's, ours and the world's

Often in the Garden of Oneness here in rural Zambia, we take moments of silence to honor the core of our being by placing our hand on our heart to feel our heartbeat and to be aware that the Heart of God is beating inside us. It is the same heart that beats in all creation: beings of land, sea and sky.

Every bush is burning with life: Children know it

I have learned a lot of wisdom in my life from small children. One spring Sunday morning a little boy was walking with his grandma, and I met them on the way. He was running from bush to bush in such delight and wonder, watching the new buds bursting forth and inviting his grandma to see it.